Vyasa-Puja Offering 2000
by Vishoka Dasa

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Those who continually associate with you, by hearing your tapes and reading your books, throughout the day, are the most fortunate beings in the universe. The transcendental sound vibration from your lectures and kirtan tapes has the power to liberate even a casual bystander who hears only one word. Either understanding, or not understanding the purport of the Krsna prema emanating from your lotus lips on your tapes, every listener, whether casual or attentive, are all purified, knowingly or unknowingly. Even if we can’t quite hear what you say, even if we are busy in the asrama and can’t hear every word, or we’re driving the car and the traffic noise drowns out what you say, still your transcendental sound vibration purifies everything, it purifies our hearts and the atmosphere around us, even the walls and furniture. Even if I’m spacing out and thinking about something else, still your transcendental words are purifying my soul. Therefore, we shall always endeavor to hear your tapes in all circumstances, as they are always supremely auspicious for all living entities.

Dear Srila Prabhupada, I love to hear your powerful voice as you smash the rascal scientists in your lectures. I love to hear your mock debates with your disciples, as they play the devil’s advocate, and how you smash their atheistic arguments. Once, a disciple said, ”But you are the only person saying this!” And you immediately countered, “Then I am the ONLY intelligent person!” Everyone roared with laughter. And then you said, “This is a fact!” Yes, Srila Prabhupada, it is a fact, that you, and other Vaisnavas as well, are the only intelligent men in this material world. I only feel safe and secure, only when I’m hearing your transcendental voice on my tape player. Whenever I start to feel insecure and fearful of this material existence, then I play your tapes, and then my fear will immediately fade away.

I love to hear you tell the glories of Lord Sri Krsna in your original dictation tapes of the Krsna book. I love to hear your transcendental voice recite the prayers of Akrura and King Mucukunda and Lord Brahma and others, as your transcendental voice surcharges the transcendental potency of the great devotee prayers of the Bhagavatam. The sweetness of the Tenth Canto becomes unlimitedly sweeter by your transcendental voice.

I love to hear your transcendental comment about the ice cream truck outside the temple on La Cienega Blvd. You faintly hear a bell outside the window, coming up the street, and you stopped your lecture, and said, “What is that sound?” One disciple said, “It's an ice cream truck, Srila Prabhupada.” You paused for a moment, and then said, “Just see, here is maya!” Everyone laughs. And then you said, “Here is maya, come and take, come and take…” This is so transcendentally humorous, that I can listen to this tape over and over and laugh every time. 

I love to hear your classic vintage kirtans, especially the one where there is some bhakta baby who’s crying, who accents your kirtan, as he cries out for Krsna right on beat, exactly when you chant the holy name of Lord Caitanya. I also love your kirtan where you play the gong so loud and transcendentally in time. And your harmonium playing is unparalleled in all the three worlds, and even the Gandarvas are swooning in ecstasy and amazement when you play the harmonium, as every note is divinely inspired by Supersoul.

In all circumstances, may we always hear your tapes and read your books, and thus we will always feel safe and secure in this dangerous material world.

Your servant,
Vishoka Dasa
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