Srila Prabhupada
A Poem for His Divine Grace
by Sdd
You brought us the truth
brought us Lord Caitanya's mercy
and the words of Sri Krsna
You let us glimpse into the spiritual world
through the eyes of the pure devotee
You are here
always teaching
manifesting as instruction, lessons and love
You always reside in our hearts
Thank you Srila Prabhupada
for this intensely personal love
You have given so generously
to the most undeserving
and fallen
thank you
Thank you
for your causeless mercy
and unlimited grace
and your compassionate love

I too wish to serve you
with purity, love and devotion
You are the jagat-guru
the universal spiritual master
and we bow down before you
in thanks
in gratitude
in love.
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Written Offerings (#3)