Dear Srila Prabhupada
by Bhuvana Pavani Devi Dasi

You are the greatest savior of the
      fallen souls ever born,
As "maha patita pavana"
      you will be known
For Krsna has empowered you
      to do more
To spread the Holy Name
      than any master before.

You are the light by which
      this world will see
that there is a path by which
      all can be free
from the painful condition
      of forgetting the Lord.
You are showing the way
      and giving the sword.

"Just to spread Lord Caitanya's
      mission," you say,
"This will please Krsna;
      you'll go back home one day.
Distribute these books, prasad,
      and the Holy Name
      to everyone, regardless, then
Kaliyuga we'll tame."

You see us all suffering
      at the hand of illusion
knowing fully all our
      attachments, offenses and so on.
Yet, as the most merciful father
      embraces the prodical son,
you are personally saving your
      world family, one by one.

Our work is cut out for us,
      you have told us what to do.
"Help save all fallen souls,
      help me give them life anew."
A moments association with
      Your Divine Grace
through your ISKCON movement
     will change the fate
of this world's "misdirected civilization"
      giving love of Krsna, the real liberation.

We beg to remain a tiny part
      of your inconceivable plan,
to perform some small task
      in the matter at hand
of helping others know of
      your great position in this greatest of causes:
Lord Caitanya's Mission!

Bhuvana Pavani Devi Dasi, 1983
(Editor, Queen Kunti Website)
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