Vyasa Puja Offering

by Swarup Das

The children of a wealthy man are to be considered very fortunate. While the father is living they are well taken care of and when the father passes on they inherit all his wealth. They may inherit great estates and vast sums of money. Srila Prabhupada, as your spiritual sons and daughters we have also received from you a great inheritance -- greater than all the material wealth imaginable. You have given us eternal life, knowledge of the absolute, happiness and hope. You have bestowed upon us the most valuable treasure, Krishna consciousness. You put us on the path back to home, back to Godhead and in your absence you continue to teach and guide us through your instructions. We continue to reap the benefits of being your spiritual children because you remain with us in your books, letters and in your recorded classes, lectures and conversations. We can even still listen to you chanting japa, singing bhajans and leading kirtans. By spreading your legacy of love and mercy to others we can attempt to express our appreciation but in actuality there is no way we can ever repay your kindness and generosity. On this auspicious occasion celebrating your Vyasa Puja we thank you for adopting us, accepting us as your disciples and bringing us into the eternal family of Gaudiya Vaisnavism.

Swarup Das
(*Photo by Gurudas)
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