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(Read Aloud at the New Temple of Sri Sri Radha Paris Isvara in Paris, France August 14, 2009.)

Srila Prabhupada, our beloved spiritual master

by Locanananda dasa

The raincloud of mercy, you've put out the fire,
The Lord's pure devotee whose heart's sole desire
To free the lost jivas from life's endless pain
and return back to Godhead, with Krishna again.

When the whole world was dark and all hope was lost,
All fools were we, on maya's waves tossed.
Looked into the eyes of a Vaikuntha man
A thousand births in a moment did span.

The friend of the poor, your kindness so great
Love ever-increasing, true knowledge your bait.
Came West to fulfill transcendental ambition,
On order of guru, with Caitanya's permission.

To each nook and corner did your mercy spread,
Every town and village to the mantra you wed.
The swan-like devotee, Radha Krishna you served
Giving freely prema-bhakti, though no one deserved.

If only we knew how to give proper praise
To the most saintly person, scholars all did amaze
How you beat the mrdanga and with logic and reason
Loudly preached Krishna consciousness in every season.

Saying, "Chant Hare Krishna, the Lord's Holy Name,"
Without any concern for your own name and fame.
Let us know about God without paying the price,
To be happy, just your glance would suffice.

Prabhupada still is with us, if we have eyes to see
How he lives in his words, how his love sets us free.
He can enter the hearts of all those who adore him,
Without qualification, we humbly implore him:

O Prabhupada, Prabhupada, our dear Prabhupada!

Obeisances unto you on this most blessed day,
A Vyasa Puja homage is just a small way
For devotees, your children, in this forsaken place
To say "Thank you. All glories to Your Divine Grace."

Your lowly servant,
Locanananda dasa

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