Flowers for Radha-Krishna
by Patita Pavana das

    Radha and Krishna the breath of my life,
    Standing on Yamuna's flow'r-bedecked shore,
    'Neath blossoms of fragrant kadamba trees blooming,
    I've nothing but You and I want nothing more.

    There in the splendidly sweet groves of Vraja,
    There, Youthful Lovers, I'll make a gold throne;
    There I will seat You in gem-studded glory,
    There in the woods where the tulsi tree's sown.
    On Lord Shyamasundar's dark limbs I will offer
    Sweet-scented sandalwood pulp smeared with love.
    Gourangi's gold arms will be amply anointed.
    Your faces will beam like the moon-god above.
    There will I fan You with peacock tail feathers,
    And harvest bright malati buds from the land;
    A garland I'll offer for Your Lordship's pleasure;
    I'll dwell at Your feet and await Your command.
    Patita Pavana das
      (Based on the Bengali poem Sakhivrinde Vijnapati by Shrila Narottama das Thakur and versified by
      Patita Pavana das.  Illustration by Ananta Shakti das.)

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