Anti-Material World or the Kingdom of Godhead
Now recognised by progressive science
Delhi, Saturday 20th February, 1960  (Series #17, Part 1)
Edited and Founded
Under direct order of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhakti-Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada
By Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta
Modern materialistic science has discovered anti-material world which was so long unknown to the wranglers of gross-materialism. In the Times of India dt. 27.10.59 a news service, dated at Stockholm 26.10.59, was published as follows:--

"Two American atomic scientists were awarded 1959 Nobel Physics Prize to-day for the Discovery of Anti-Proton, proving that matter exists in two forms as particles and anti-particles."

"They are Italian-born Dr. Emilio Segre 69 and Dr. Owen Chamberlain, born in San Francisco..............."

"According to one of the fundamental assumptions of the new theory, there may exist another world or an antiworld built up of anti-matter. This anti (material) world would consist of atoms and sub-atoms particles spinning in reverse orbits to those of the world we know. If these two worlds would ever clash, they would both be annihilated in one blinding flash."

In this statement of the modern scientists the following things are accepted:--

1. There is an anti-material atom or particle which is another form of matter but it is made of antiqualities of material atoms.

2. There is another anti-material world than this material world of which we have got certain extent of experience.

3. These two different worlds may clash at a certain period which may bring in annihilation of both the worlds (?)

Out of these three items, we, students of theistic science, agree with the items No. (1) and (2) but we cannot agree with the (3) item because matter as it is constituted is subjected to annihilation but anti-matter which is freed from all sorts of material symptoms must be also free from being annihilated from its very nature of existence. If matter is destructible or separable anti-matter must be indestructible and and inseparable. We shall try to discuss the above three points from the angle of authentic scriptural vision:

The most authentic and recognised scripture of the world is the Veda. The Vedas are subsequently divided into four (Sham, Yagu, Rik and Atarvah). The difficult subject matters of the Vedas are very stiff for ordinary understanding. And to make the grave subject matters more easily understandable, the above mentioned four Vedas are again explained in the history of Mahabharata and eighteen Puranas. Ramayana is historical epic but contains all the necessary informations of the Vedas. Therefore the four Vedas, original Ramayana, Mahabharata, the Puranas, etc., are all Vedic literatures. The Upanishads are parts of the four Vedas and Vedanta Sutra is the cream of the Vedas. And to summarise all these vedic literatures, the Bhagwat Geeta is accepted as the cream of all Upanishads and the entrance explanation of the Vedanta Sutras. The conclusion is that from the Bhagwat Geeta alone you can have all the lessons of Vedas as it is spoken by Lord Shri Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Who descends on this material world from the anti-material world to give complete information of the superior form of matter.

The superior form of energy of the Personality of Godhead is described in the Bhagwat Geeta as Para Prakriti. The scientists have discovered that there are two forms of matter but the same thing is described more perfectly in the Bhagwat Geeta as two forms of energies. Matter is an energy which creates the material world and the same energy in her superior form creates the anti-material world. The living entities also do belong to the superior energy-group. The inferior energy or the material energy is called Apara Prakriti. Therefore in the Bhagwat Geeta the
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creative energy is presented in two forms namely Apara and Para Prakrities.

Matter itself has no creative power. When it is manipulated by the material energy, material things are produced. Matter in its crude form is therefore the latent energy of the Supreme Being. Whenever we think of energy it is natural that we think of the source of energy. For example we may think of the electrical energy but along with it we think of the electrical power house where the electrical energy is generated. Energy is therefore not self-sufficient but it is under the control of a Superior Living Being who controls the energy. Fire is the source of two other energies namely, light and heat. Light and heat have no independent existence without Fire. Similarly the two forms of energies namely the inferior and superior energies are derived from a third source call it by any name. But that source of energy must be a living being with full sense of everything. That Supreme Living Being is the personality of Godhead Shri Krishna or the all attractive Living Being.

In the Vedas the Supreme Living Being or the Absolute Truth is called Bhagwan or the full fledged Living Being who is the Fountain Head of all kinds of energies. Discovery of two forms of energies by the scientists is not the end of progressive science but they have still to go farther in the matter and thus discover the source of the two particles or atoms namely material and anti-material.

How do you explain the anti-material particles? We have experience of material particles or atoms but we have no experience of the anti-material atoms. But the Bhagwat Geeta gives a vivid description of the anti-material particles as follows:--

"This anti-material particle is there within the material body. And because it is within the material body the material body is progressively changing from boyhood to youth and from youthood to old age after which the anti-material particle leaves the unworkable old body and takes up another material body."

This description of a living body confirms the scientific discovery that matter exists in two forms. When one of them or the anti-material particle is off from the material body, the latter becomes useless for all purposes. As such, anti-material particle is undoubtedly superior energy than the material energy.

"No body should therefore lament for the loss of material energy. All varieties of sense perception in the categories of feeling well or unwell are but interactions of material energy -- which come and go like the seasonal changes. As such they are temporary appearance and disappearance of material interactions confirms also the inferiority of material form of energy in comparison to the Superior form of energy called by the name 'Jiva' or the living force."

"Any intelligent man therefore, who is not disturbed by these interactions of material energy and thinks of such resultant happiness and distress as different phases of the inferior energy is competent to regain again the anti-material world where life is eternal and of permanent bliss."
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