Anti-Material World or the Kingdom of Godhead
Now recognised by progressive science
Delhi, Saturday 20th February, 1960  (Series #17, Part 2)
Edited and Founded
Under direct order of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhakti-Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada
By Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta
(Continued from Part 1)

Anti-material world is suggested here and the information is that in the anti-material world there is no such experience of seasonal changes. Everything there is permanent, blissful and full of intelligence. But when we say it is a world it has its forms and parapharnalia of different categories beyond our material experiences.

"The material body is destructible and as such it is changeable and temporary. So is the material world. But the anti-material living force is non-destructible and therefore it is permanent. Expert scientists have thus distinguished the different qualities of the material and anti-material particles as temporary and permanent respectively."

The discovery of the two forms of matter have yet to find out the qualities of anti-matter. But the vivid description is already given in the Bhagwat Geeta as follows and the scientist can make further research on the basis of these valuable information.

"The anti-material particle is finer than the finest of the material particle and this living force is so powerful that it spreads its influence all over the material body. Although the anti-material particle is finer than the finest of material particle it maintains the whole material body in sound and healthy state as if with medicinal effect. That anti-material particle has immense Potency than material Particle and as such no body can destroy such anti-material particle."

Here is the beginning of description of the anti-material particle and it it given more expressively in the following manner.

"The finest form of anti-material particle is encaged within the gross and subtle material bodies. But with all the material bodies (both gross and subtle) are destructible whereas the finest anti-material particle is eternal principle. One should therefore be more serious about this eternal principle."

Perfection of science will culminate when it is possible for the material scientists to know the qualities of the anti-material particles and liberate it from the association of non-permanent material particles. This liberation of the anti-material particle from the association of material particles is the highest stage of scientific progress.

The suggestion of the scientists that there may exist also another world consisting of anti-material atoms and a clash between the two worlds namely material amd non-material will result in the annihilation of both the worlds is partly true. Such clash is continually going on between the material and anti-material particles. But in that continuous clashing, annihilation of the material particles is taking place at every step while the non-material particle is trying to get out of it. And this fact is explained in the Bhagwat Geeta as follows:--

"The non-material particle, which is the living entity which influences the material particles to work, is always non-destructible. So long the anti-material particle is within the lump of material particles known by the names of gross and subtle bodies -- the whole thing manifests as a living unit. As such in the continuous clashing between the two particles, the non-material particle is never annihilated neither any body is able to cause such annihilation of the anti-material particle at any time past, present or future."

We think therefore that the theory of annihilation of both the worlds is wrong in conception. This is further explained in the Bhagwat Geeta as follows:--

"The finest and immeasurable anti-material particle is always indestructible, permanent and eternal. But its encagement by material particle is annihilated at a certain period. The same principle is applicable also in the case of material and anti-material worlds. No body should be afraid of the anti-material particle as becoming subject to annihilation either as particle or as the world of such particles."

Everything that is annihilated is also created at a certain stage. As the material body is created so also the material world is created. And because the anti-material particle is never annihilated so also it is never created. This is corroborated in the "Bhagwat Geeta" as follows:--

"The anti-material particle which is the vital force is neither born or created. It exists eternally. It has no date of birth nor any period of death. It is neither created nor annihilated by repitition. It is eternally existing and as such it is the oldest of the old and yet it is always fresh and new. By annihilation of the material particles the anti-material particle is never annihilated."

The above principle is applicable to the anti-material world also. When the material world is annihilated, the anti-material world exists in all circumstances. This fact will be explained more elaborately later on in this article. The anti-material scientists may also know if from the Bhagwat Geeta as follows:--

"A learned fellow who knows perfectly well that the anti-material particle is indestructible, does not think of its being annihilated by any means."

The atomic scientist may think of annihilating the material world by their discovery of nuclear weapons, but they are unable to so in the matter of the anti-material world.

The anti-material particle is more clearly explained in the following lines:--

"It is neither cut into pieces by any material weapon, nor is it burnt by fire. Neither it is moistened by water nor it is dried up or
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evaporated by air."

"It is indivisible, non-flammable, insoluable and non-evaporable. On account of its being eternal it can enter into any sort of body. Being steady by constitution, its qualities as above are always fixed up."

"It is inexplicable also on account of its being contrary to all material qualities. It is unthinkable by ordinary brain. It is unchangeable. No body should ever lament over the anti-material principle."

Thus in he Bhagwat Geeta and in all other Vedic literatures the superior energy anti-material principle is accepted as the vital force or the living spirit explained in one word as 'Jiva.' This living principle is impossible to be generated by any sort of combination of material elements. The material elements namely (1) earth, (2) water, (3) air, (4) fire, (5) sky, (6) mind, (7) intelligence and material (8) ego all these eight material principles are described as inferior energies whereas the living force or the anti-material principle is described as the superior energy. They are called energies because they are controlled by the supreme Living Being or the Personality of Godhead (Krishna).

The materialist was so long limited within the boundary of eight material principles as above mentioned but it is encouraging that he has now a faint information of the anti-material principle and an anti-material world also. We hope with the progress of time such materialist will be able to estimate the value of anti-material world, where everything is anti-material without any trace of material principles. The very word anti-material suggests that the principle is completely different from all material qualities. The mental speculators, in two groups, realise this anti-material principle in two different morphological conclusions. One of them (the gross materialist) deny to accept the anti-material principle or they admit only of  dis-integration of material combination at a certain stage. The other one accepts the anti-material principle as completely opposite to the material principle with its twenty four categories. The second speculator is known as the 'Samkhyas' or the speculator who scrutinise the material principles with minute analysis and synthesis. And at the end of such conclusion such Sankhyaists do accept only a transcendental principle or anti-material principle. But the difficulty for both of the above mentioned speculators is that they speculate with the help of inferior energy without any source of information from the Superior. It is therefore necessary that one should rise up to the plane of Superior energy and from that transcendental position only one can realise the real position of the anti-material principle.

From the platform of material world one cannot estimate the real position of the anti-material world. But the Supreme Lord who is the controller of both the material and anti-material energies descends out of His causeless mercy, and gives us complete information of the anti-material world and thus we can know what the anti-material world is. The Supreme Lord and the living entities both are of the same anti-material quality. We can thus make an idea of the Supreme Lord by an elaborate study of the living entities. Every living entity is an individual person. Therefore the Supreme Living Being must also be the Supreme Person. In the Vedic literature the Supreme Person is very rightly claimed as Krishna. This name of Krishna of the Supreme Lord is the only intelligible Name of the highest order. Because He is the controller of both the energies material and anti-material, the very word Krishna signifies that He is the Supreme Controller.

In the Bhagwat Geeta the Lord informs this fact as follows:--

"There are two worlds namely the material world and the anti-material world. The material world is made of inferior qualities energy divided into eight material principles but anti-material world is made of superior qualities energy. And because both the material and anti-material energies are emanations of the Supreme Transcendence Personality of Godhead, it is apt to conclude that Lord Krishna is the ultimate cause of all creations and annihilations."

The Lord's two inferior and superior energies manifest the material and anti-material worlds and as such He is the Absolute Truth. In the Bhagwat Geeta the Lord explains the fact as follows:--

"I am, therefore, the highest principle or transcendence and there is nothing greater than Me, oh Dhananjoy. Everything that be is thus inter-woven in My energies exactly like the pearls are woven on the thread."

Long long before the discovery of the principles of anti-matter particles or the anti-material world, the subject matter was delineated in the pages of the Bhagwat Geeta. And from the Bhagwat Geeta it appears that the philosophy was first taught to the presiding deity of the Sun-globe. This means that the principles of the Bhagwat Geeta was spoken by the Personality of Godhead long long before or at least 400,000,000 forty crores of year before. Modern science has just very late discovered partial truth.
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