Causeless Mercy (#112)
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(Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan, Vancouver, Canada)
Come and See
Gokulananda das

come and see
the munificent appearance
of our merciful Lord
enthroned in His temple abode

come and see
what cannot be seen
by all the unfortunate
who only worship their illusions

come and see
our beautiful sweet Lord
splendid with the opulence
of His devotees' love

come and catch
an awesome glimpse
into divine love's
infinite ocean of bliss

come and embrace
in your heart of hearts
His graceful enchanting form
the Reservoir of all pleasure

come and feel
the comforting refuge
of His oasis of peace
amid Kali's raging storm

come and hear
the soothing sounds of transcendence
that thrill all weary hearts
with the sweet nectar of His glories

come and sing
in the company of kindred souls
His ever-blissful Names
that extinguish all fear and sorrow

come and bathe
your parched soul
in that great Ganges flow
of His all-attractive kirtan

come and taste
the matchless flavours
of the Lord's mercy remnants
that satisfy body mind and soul

come and awaken
your deepest true desire
to remain forever
within His sure shelter

come and be thrilled
by the miracle of His mercy
to awaken all sincere souls
towards His eternal service

come and penetrate
the secret of all secrets
by which the Lord reveals Himself
to His blessed devotees

come and see
the Lord's ever-fresh beauty
shining in the pure hearts
of His humble servants

Jai Sri Krishna!
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