Vyasa-Puja Offering for 2003
by Praghosh das
Respectful obeisance from all sides to His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who is a true champion.
Empowered, he accomplished his mission at an incredible pace
Thus giving ultimate meaning to the words "pure devotion.''
Most respected guru maharaja, unto you I surrender my life.
The power of your words has slaughtered the ignorance
Which, for many births, I protected dearly as a wife.
Chewing the chewed, I had become victim of maya's dance.
Through your transcendental vision, of the spiritual sky I can get a view
And in my imagination, like thousands of suns, it is glittering.
This is because of the lustre of Lord Krsna's hue.
Please keep me near you, for with my own eyes I need to see Him shining.
I am so unworthy but I still get your causeless love
And this is what makes you my only true father.
Your compassion is like a great cloud above
That refreshes the dried out souls erring hither and thither.
Unfathomable is your greatness
Only the Lord can know you verily.
May I be graced to assess
The significance of your words truly.
I pray that I may remember your instruction
At the time of quitting this bag of flesh
So that I can come back to pursue your mission
Birth after birth and start afresh.
Your most insignificant servant,
Praghosh das
(Editor, PrabhupadaVani.org)
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