Gay Gora Madhur Svare
by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

"Sing the nectarean names of Gauranga!
O my Lord, please engage me in your loving service.
Sing the nectarean names of Gauranga!

Whether you are a householder or a sannyasi, constantly chant Hari, Hari! Forget about happiness and sorrow and fill your lips with hari-nama.

You are bound up in an ocean of maya and forced to toil fruitlessly. But as soon as you come to your senses, immediately shout out the names of Radha-Madhava.

Without serving the Lord of the senses (Hrsikesa) you are good as a dead man. Take the advice of Bhaktvinoda Thakura: just once relish the nectar of the holy name."
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