Memories (#102)
"Many of the evening lectures, delivered on the Second Chapter of Bhagavad-gita, stress that we are not these bodies but Brahman, spirit. 'Your material situation is not important,' we're told.'What is important is that you establish yourselves immediately in spiritual life. The spiritual man sees the Supreme Lord evverywhere at every moment, in ever living being. Because He loves Krishna, he has this vision. He does not see cows, or men, or women, or fools. He sees only the Supreme Lord. Others may see him as penniless, but he knows that he's the happpiest, richest man in the world.'

"As we listen, we hardly notice that he is making us Krishna conscious bit by bit, day by day, despite our past karma and mental attitudes.

"A man in Krishna consciousness does not walk around in a fog," he tells us. "No. He works well and with the touch of an expert. When one enters Krishna consciousness, he beomes a poet and writes hymns to God."
Hayagriva dasa
(The Hare Krishna Explosion, Chapter 3)
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