Memories (#103)
Transcendental Mood

One day Prabhupada appeared to be ill and was less communicative than usual. Other devotees noticed this too. By the third day we began to be concerned. Prabhupada called me to discuss some Vrindavana program that had been arranged. "How do you feel? Will you be attending?" He said: "Yes. They think I am sick, but I am in transcendental mood."

Cow Dung

One beautiful morning in Vrindavana, Prabhupada, a few other devotees, and I were walking on the parikrama path to Raman Reti. We passed by two large, intertwined, black-and-white trees. These two trees are Radha and Krishna combined, according to the Brijbais who live in Vrindavan. We continued walking along the beaten-down Vrindavana clay of the Parikrama path, watching the swallows, chipmunks, and squirrels as they ate and played in harmony in Krishna and Balarama's playground.

Suddenly I spied some cow dung! In an attempt to impress Prabhupada, I recounted one of his purports and said, "There are less flies aound cow dung than around human dung. Cow dung is pure--'

He cut me off and quipped, "Oh, you have done research?"

Everyone laughed, including me, especially when they saw Prabhupada's amused face and joking manner.

Krishna's Mercy

Anoher time, when I asked Prabhupada about Krishna's mercy, he imitated Krishna and poked me three times in the belly, saying, "Take my mercy, take, take."
(By His Example, Chapter 5)
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