"It was spring or summer of 1969 and I had been invited by Baradraj to accompany him to Boston (from Montreal) to meet Srila Prabhupada who was to arrive from S.F. Days later Baradraj returned to Montreal but I stayed on. That was my first temple stay. I went on nagar SK and felt quite satisfied, shaving up. Finally it was announced that Prabhupada was coming to N.Y. instead. I was told that the car was full so I went to the highway and started thumbing. They came along after a while, the car jam-full, and picked me up. We went directly to the airport where I had my first darsan of the paramahamsa mahabhagavatah. The picture was taken a few days later after a marriage ceremony."

Rasananda dasa
(Editor's note: Rasananda Prabhu can be seen standing second from the right, in bare feet.)
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Memories (#26)
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