"In 1976 in Vrindaban at the festival there was a big fire yajna and I was one of the brahmana initiates. (There is a picture of this initiation in Hari Sauri Prabhu's Diary Volume 1). After the yajna we all had the mercy to receive the gayatri mantra individually from Srila Prabhupada in his room. When I went into the room I paid full dandavats and after saying the pranama mantra I called out, "Jaya Srila Prabhupada!" At which His Divine Grace also called out, "Jaya Srila Prabhupada!" I was startled for a split second thinking why would Srila Prabhupada say jaya to himself but then realized that of course he was saying this to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta. For me the purport was that whatever praise or offering our Srila Prabhupada received, he always was in the mood that this was to be offered to his spiritual master, and that this was then passed on through the disciplic succession, and that this is actually how Krsna is pleased to receive offerings."

Ranjit das
(Secretary, Bhaktivedanta Archives)
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