All glories to Your Divine Grace!!!
by Makhanchor dasa

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Your Divine Grace!!!

You accepted many hardships to bring Krsna consciousness to the west. To a materialist it is inconceivable for someone to go all the way across the world with no large amount of funds to fall back on, but just an intense desire to carry out the order of their spiritual master. And even though others had tried before and failed to make devotees on a large scale in the west, by your fervent desire and Krsna’s mercy, you succeeded on a scale that is hardly imaginable. It is stated in the Caitanya-caritamrta that only one who has Krsna’s mercy can spread Krsna consciousness to others. This contribution gives you a unique place in the line of spiritual masters coming down from Krsna Himself.

You have also given us your books, which are the touchstones and beacons of light in this age of Kali. Because they are written from a pure devotee’s point of view, they are unlike any other materialistic literature in the world. One who reads these books is truly blessed, because they are getting association of a pure devotee, and it is said that even by a short duration association with a pure devotee, all perfection of life is possible. Your
books could not be improved upon, even if one wanted to. They have constantly been a source of strength and inspiration to me.

You have also showed us by example what it means to be a pure devotee of Krsna.  This is the most extraordinary thing. Over so many years and being scrutinized by so many disciples in your personal association, you continually impressed them with your integrity, your personal style and your always perfect instructions to us. Throughout all the stories I have heard about you, there has never been even the slightest tinge of personal motivation on your part. You were interested in pleasing Krsna and your spiritual master always and without deviation. I think this is the key to your success.  Your high integrity allowed you to impress upon people that they needed to make changes in their life, and you were successful precisely because everyone knew you had no motivation for personal gain and that what you were giving was authentic and authorized.

Srila Prabhupada please have mercy on me. I am still plagued with materialistic vision and material identification. But I have faith in your books, the Holy Name and your instructions. Please bless me that I will become a proper recipient of your abundant mercy, and engage me in your service.

Your servant,
Makhanchor dasa
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