Gurudeva, Srila Prabhupada
by Praghosh das

Gurudeva, Srila Prabhupada, to glorify a person such as your divine self is easy because your qualities are as numerous as the stars in a cloudless sky. Simultaneously it is difficult because it requires a purified mind. Nonetheless it is the duty of an intiated disciple, to muster whatever devotional sentiment he has, and try and chant your glories. It is by you mercy, however, that any meaningful word can be uttered towards that end.  Just as you have already explained, your disciples are your children. The qualities they possess can only come from you. So they express their spiritual emotions like children who buy gifts to their father with the money they received from him beforehand.

This universe we are in, is, for the spiritually blind persons, like a devouring forest fire. It is the cause of great misery. They migrate back and fourth to hell and to heaven in an unending cycle. Surprisingly, their consciousness has been dulled because of repeated births and deaths and the occasional relief of misery is interpreted as happiness. However, for those who are fortunate enough to have had your association, directly or indirectly through your books and tapes, the pain they feel is the sign that your words have a transcendental effect. The recognition of their state of despondency is the first step in the good direction because they have stopped to see this world as the all in all whereas the totally ignorant souls are unable to see that they are living an illusion and continue to think that they can extract complete satisfaction in the sensual experience. All glories onto you because you actually manifest the power to awaken the sleeping souls.

Just as the Ganges has emanated from the immortals' sky by the grace of the Lord's toe and is now purifying the three worlds, the soothing effect of your mystical words is similarly purifying this whole planet. Countless living entities are being touched by your grace through the sanctified program you have set up. Many other prabhus are now following in your footsteps and disseminating the mercy of Lord Caitanya's sankirtan movement. You are Gaura Shakti incarnate. You show the way and all are readily following.

The words you use do not only sever the knot of material existence but they also purify the senses of the intent listeners who subsequently can taste the nectarean environment of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. By your grace, all can relish His beauty, to some extent, see the spiritual sky, appreciate His relation with His dearmost devotees, feel the pleasure of tasting prasadam, and understand that serving Him is the ultimate activity. Actually, this is all possible to those who serve you and your mission. You are thus like a touchstone. Whoever comes to you with an open heart becomes Krishnaized. What a fortune it is to know you.

What is to be understood is that simply trying to bring the fallen souls at your lotus feet, makes one's life successful. May all the desires you manifested while roaming the earth be fulfilled for they meant to transform this planet into Vaikuntha. Your instructions are the wealth of your disciples and a benediction for this lowly world because they keep your mission alive. The proof that you are great is that even after your departure, there are so many honest and pure souls who are there to pursue what you have started.  Lord Krishna says in the Padma Purana: "I do not stay in Vaikuntha-loka, the spiritual world, or within the hearts of the yogis. I stay where My devotees chant My glories" Thank you Srila Prabhupada for having created this sadhu sanga. The Supreme Lord can now come down here and be happy again among the human beings who had forgotten Him. You are the best friend of everyone. All glories onto you! All glories onto you! All glories onto you!

An insignificant servant of your servants,
Pragosh das
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