Vyas Puja Homage
(Part 4)
by Gurudas

20) Seer by the authority of the scriptures.

In every dealing large or small, You quote a line from the Vedic dharma. In fact every word, deed, and feeling You give is backed by scriptural authority.

An example of how you think of scripture in relationship to even small every day things is recounted when one girl was frightened very much by a flying insect while sitting before Your Divine Grace. After the girl became calm, the other students asked why we are afraid of small insects, when we are larger and more intelligent than them. You immediately quoted a verse from the Srimad Bhagavatam that explains that eating, sleeping, mating and fearing are propensities of this conditioned existence and by surrendering to Sri Krishna we can overcome all fear.

Your Divine Grace is always seeing and speaking through the eyes of the scriptures (Shastra Chaksus) to anyone who has come in contact with You. You once taught us, "It is better to quote from the Vedas. If two lawyers argue, their guide line is the law books, and if they do not accept the law, then how will the argument go on?"

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

21) Pure.

You have certainly delivered many fallen souls and You have never done anything which is impure. This is the authoritative definition of pure. As You once told me "Never was there a moment when I have not thought of Krishna in this life."

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

22) Self-controlled.

Many a time whilst others were running hither and thither trying to execute something, You always remained self-controlled and equipoised. Even when someone tries to challenge You. You remain as undaunted as Krishna when He patiently heard Sisupala's insults at the Rajsuya Sacrifice.

An example of this came one day in New York (in the first temple of the society) when a a crazy and intoxicated boy came in, and without removing his shoes placed two rolls of paper towels underneath the sink and walked outside making a loud noise. Everyone looked at You, as You were in the middle of a lecture, to see what Your reaction would be. You looked around and smiled and said, "Just see, Krishna lets everyone serve Him."

Once a taxi driver asked You whether you sleep on a bed of nails. You replied that it is not a great thing to overcome pain, and that pain could be overcome by drugs. But a real Swami is one who is self-controlled just like one who could sit in a room of beautiful women and not be agitated.

And during Your illness in New York even though You were in a very weak condition You were controlled. You saw Your servant sitting by You. Although he was anxious to see to all Your needs and was just sitting waiting for Your order, you immediately said "Why are you just sitting there idly? Don't be idle, always chant Hare Krishna."

And recently when You were preparing to go to Russia, Tamal Krishna said "The only thing wrong about going to Russia now, Srila Prabhupada, is that the mango season is just beginning in India and I know how much You like mangoes". You replied to him, "Don't you know that preaching in the snows of Russia is far sweeter than any mango?"

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

23) Steadfast.

According to the Nectar of Devotion a steadfast person is one who continues to work until the desired goal is achieved.

The whole success of ISKCON is due to Your steadfast quality. One small example of this was : one time You wanted a signboard painted with the society's name, but the treasurer said that we didn't have even enough money for the rent. But You insisted on the signboard, and still by amazing happenings the rent money also came in time because very influential people saw the signboard.

Another time you taught us : Just get the horse and the whip will come, but what good is a whip without a horse?

And another time, some people did not respond even after You explained the Krishna Conscious principles. They even were critical, and we were bothered and we asked how could our work go on when there were people like that. You smiled and said there is a Bengali proverb: "When the Elephant caravan passes by, the dogs will bark." So "push on this movement even when difficulties arise."

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

24) Forebearing.

Once when some people were not respectful I asked why they did not understand the beauty of Krishna Consciousness. You pleasantly laughed, even after so much disrespect, and said there is a Bengali Proverb which states "If you make a dog a King, and he is sitting on a throne, and you throw him a shoe, he will run off the throne and bite the shoe."

Oh Srila Prabhupada, no one knows the meaning of suffering like Your Divine Grace, and yet You go on as if nothing inharmonious exists. You actually live in the Gita free from honour and dishonour, pain or pleasure, heat and cold etc.

I remember asking You not to come to London, because of the cold snow, and You said weather is no concern. You then told me that when You first saw snow in N.Y., You thought it was lime being thrown off the roof. That is your poetic forebearing nature, just to allow me to expose my fallen self to Your grace.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

25) Forgiving.

So many times we have committed offence upon offence at Your lotus feet, and You say all right what's done is done. You have been so merciful to our whims, and insults and for this I am eternally grateful because You know the desired goal, even if we forget. Your forgiving quality, never found in anyone else, is as if Vishnu is thinking that His hard chest is hurting sage Brighu's foot.

If we would not over-burden You that would be nice ; You have plans beyond our conception, yet you tolerate our blunders. What great compassion and forgiveness.

An example of your forgiving nature came when someone asked, "If Krishna is teaching morals and right action, why did He have relationships with other men's wives ; is that not adultery?" You, instead of becoming angry, said, "Everyone is Krishna's wife, therefore you are an adulterer."

Another time in Delhi one man who was instructed to look after some Srimad Bhagavatams and Your mail, opened Your mail and stole various amounts of money from Your letters, of about Rs. 2,000/-. After he was found out, one student asked You, "If he is not dealt will he will have to suffer for the offence at the feet of a pure devotee?" You said "There is only one thing to do." The student said, "Have him arrested?" You said, "No, forgive him."

All glories to Your Divine Grace.
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