Vyas Puja Homage
(Part 5)
by Gurudas

26) Grave.

"A person who does not express his mind to everyone, or whose mental activity and plan of action are very difficult to understand is called grave."

What new adventures do You have in store for us, what plan of action? If only our conviction could be like Yours. Oh my mind, control your frivolous nature and become grave in purpose like your dear Srila Prabhupada's.

You are always feeling grave, due to Your wish to save humanity and to deliver all fallen souls. Once I said, "Sometimes I feel concern for the miserable conditions of humanity, sometimes I feel sadness when I wish for people to be delivered." And You said gravely, "Why sometimes?" And You say to us all gravely "Just follow my instructions."

So my dear God brothers and sisters who read this, we too must become grave in pupose and follow instructions.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

27) Self-satisfied.

Oh Your Divine Grace, Who left the most holy spot, Radha Damodar Temple, You are always there, even in N.Y.C. And although there has been much cause for anxiety, You are always satisfied. I actually know that we are not necessary for Your satisfaction as You know Krishna, but still I will try to satisfy You anyway, even though You are Atmarama. You have said, "A Sweet ball manufacturer has no love for sweets" ; or when Narayana was invited by the goddess of fortune, she saw hundreds of goddesses of fortune were manifested from Him. Your satisfaction is the Divine Will and my command.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

28)  Possessing Equilibrium.

One time we went to Amsterdam and You were subjected to wait many hours to speak about Krishna for only three minutes. Then during Your talk the television people shot dry ice smoke around to make us appear mystical, and before and after our kirtan half-naked women danced all around. The music was loud, we were waiting a long time, but on the way back to the airport, You still remained equipoised. At the airport the plane was late and they imposed an airport tax on our party, and we did not have any money to pay it. So we were running around, one trying to waive the tax, one trying to borrow the money, one getting interviewed by a reporter, and Yamuna trying to see that You were comfortable. I photographed You amidst all this confusion, and Your peaceful face appeared, as You are always in Vaikuntha, even in the midst of Amsterdam Airport. You were leaning on your cane. That photo can be seen on the last page of "Back to Godhead" Magazine No. 38.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

29) Magnanimous.

The first thing You did when we met was generously You gave me a Gulab-Jamun. Also it was nice to watch You distribute sweets and Prasadam in Bombay. As all the people were watching us through the windows, You personally distributed Your mercy in the form of Prasadam. Without any doubt single-handedly You are more magnanimous than any one else. You are distributing pure love of God. Who else can do this?

In Allahabad, You and four others and myself distributed 2, 3, 5, and 10 paise coins to all the beggars there, and everyday You requested that we distribute Prasadam and You have told us to always do this in all our temples. When You smile Your broad all-embracing smile, You give charity to our hearts and to all the living entities present.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

30) Religious.

Once we said to You, "Srila Prabhupada, what gift can we give to You?" You said, "I want nothing for Myself". We said, "Oh please let us give You something". You said, "You can become Krishna Conscious, that's your gift".

Once You spoke about religion as follows :--

"We should not enter into comparative discussions with other religions, it will only create problems. We should say that the best religion is that religion which brings desire for love of God. Ritualistic performance will always be different, but what is ritual without knowledge and love of God? We must be concerned with the main thing -- love of God."

The shastric definition of a religious person also applies to You in all perfection.

"A person who personally practices the tenets of religions that are enjoined in the shastras, and who also teaches after the same principles is called religious. Simply professing a faith is not a sign of religousness. One must act according to religious principles, and by his personal example he should teach others. Such a person is to be understood as religious."

You have said one can buy a sacred thread for two pennies, but love of God is not that cheap.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

31) Heroic.

Who else but Your Divine Grace came to the shores of hell to preach the Holy Names? Who else but You went to the apathetic ghettos, where others are weary to set foot? And Who else but Your Divine Grace walked into the Avalon Ballroom and commanded the respect of the Hell's Angels? And Who eLse approached governments single-handedly and requested them to serve Lord Krishna? And Who else sat peacefully under a tree in the slums of New York, and Who also preaches in the snow, speaks to confused youth, and Who else rides on heroically in the transcendental chariot of the Holy Name, and Who but You sat calmly on stage at Calcutta's Chowinghee "Bhagwat Dharma Discourses," as angry communists came in numbers and yelled and pushed? And You sat, even though some demon wrote a note "fly or die" telling us to stop our prgramme there. But You sang "Govindam adi Purusham Tamaham bajami", and  everyone was quiet. You are so brave and bold and true. Never was there any one more heroic, certainly not King Arthur, nor Alexander, nor Caesar, not even Karna. Your heroism is reinforced by the strength of Balarama. All glories to You, my beloved Gurudev, And when I walk by your side or look in Your eyes I am protected.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.
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