Vyas Puja Homage
(Part 7)
by Gurudas

41) All-Auspicious.

By Your auspicious movements all demonic activities cease in our hearts. You possess all auspicious qualities.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

42) Most-Powerful.

When the most dogmatic of questioners challenges You, I have seen You in one moment change his whole consciousness and thinking, or completely defeat him. This is most powerful.

You once told me a Bengali proverb which goes as follows: "A fool will ask more stupid questions than even the wise man can answer". But still You can make a dumb man speak, a lame man walk and a fool a sage, or a puffed-up scholar, a child-like soul.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

43) All-Famous.

"A person who becomes well known because of his spotless character is called famous."

You once told me that when You first went to New York, a man invited You to his home. You went in order to talk of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but he had other motives. When You arrived there was a social gathering, and this man put You next to a fifty-odd-year-old widow woman, who wanted some social relationship, but You chanted the Holy Name and would not take part. And the man said, "Oh Swamiji, You are not like the other swamis I have met." So because of Your spotless character and deeds You have now become famous, especially in Golokavrindaban, where other pure souls serve and play with our beloved Krishna and Balarama.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

44) Popular.

You are dear to the people in general because You are giving them Krishna, Who is all-attractive. And because Krishna is so attractive, as are You, and all who come to see You become attracted. And when You first came to the U.S.A. in 1965, You could have sunk into oblivion, but in a short five years You have become so well-known and popular that Hare Krishna is now known throughout this previously vacant place. And we have seen how hippies, mayors, presidents, Hell's Angels, scientists, distressed parents, industrialists have all been won over by Your Divine charms. And You modestly say, "Because Guru Maharaj is helping me, I have come out so prominent."

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

45) Partiality to Devotees.

Once You said that when You were a father to your natural sons and daughters You would think of how they were growing, what kind of education they would get, etc.

But now You have so many spiritual children, that You feel partial towards us, as we are relating on a transcendental basis, in devotion. Like Lord Visnu with His lotus and conch, You shower love on Krishna's devotees, and with club and chakra You show Your mercy to the demonic. You once said, "Krishna conquered by love, and He conquered by killing."

One time one article was published about Your movement, and the article was placed between one relating to sense enjoyments and a picture of a naked woman. When You came to the Krishna Conscious article, Your eyebrows raised slightly. When it was pointed out that the magazine was not very good, You replied, "When you find gold in a filthy place, pick it out." And likewise You have picked devotees out of mobs and crowds, as a mother can recognize the sound of her child's voice in the midst of other shouting children. You have found moons between the zillions of stars. Oh greatest of Paramahansas.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

46) Very Attractive to All Women.

Because of Your special qualifications You are very attractive. To women You are a son. To some women You are a brother. To some women, You are an older brother. And to all women, You are attractive. And to the girls in I.S.K.C.O.N. You are all of these and their supreme protector.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

47) All-Worshipabale.

To me You are the prime object of worship. You are my life.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

48) All-Opulent.

You are not limited by time and space, and all opulences are possessed by You as You know Their Lordships Radha and Krishna. When Lord Chaitanya was discussing with Rai Ramananda, Lord Chaitanya asked 1) what knowledge is best of all ? and Rai Ramananda answered : there is no knowledge except loving faith (bhakti) in Krishna ; 2) among various kinds of love which is the best ? one who is rated as a devotee of Krishna has the highest love ; 3) among various kinds of property which is the most desirable ? one who has love for Radha and Krishna can only be called wealthy ; 4) among sorrows which is the most severe ? Rai Ramananda answered there is no sorrow as great as separation from Krishna.

You once told us about limitations and You related this idea on limitation : a doctor who says, 'I can cure pneumonia but not a cold' says as follows for his prescription, 'you have a cold so go and soak your body in ice cold water and then I will cure you.' So there are many devotees of the Lord, with limited views, but Krishna is Krishna and because You do as He wishes, You are filled with all opulences.

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

49) All-Honorable.

When You walked on the Bowery, even the inebriated stood up for You instead of making You walk over them.

You gain the respect of the lowest and the highest, so by nature when You walk so stately with Your entourage, You appear as a great king. A Bengali proverb is like this, 'If a Brahman gets a lak of rupees he is still a beggar", and similarily, if You have no money You are still a chief devotee.

You once told the story how Alexander the Great visited the great sage Diogenes and after Alexander the Great presented his great world-possessing qualifications 'I have conquered so much land, I have drafted a constitution which has changed the world, I have so much money and so many palaces, what can I do for you saintly sage ?' Diogenes, who lived very simply in a barrel, looked up and said, "You can move out of the way, you are blocking the sunlight."

So You are also honored in any position by rich men and Kings because You are the purest devotee of the all-honored Lord Krishna.

In Amritsar as people were bowing to You, You looked over to me and said, "Just see how they are honoring the saintly persons."

All glories to Your Divine Grace.

50) Supreme Controller.

Your orders cannot be neglected by any of us ; in that way You are the supreme controller.

Many times You ask us to prepare something immediately and although it seems impossible, we execute Your orders and become fully engaged in the Lord's work.

In London the work was going slowly on the building of the temple so You gave a date two weeks away for the Initiation ceremony. Immediately the building work was concentrated on, invitations were sent out, and although it seemed an impossible task we followed Your instructions and everything worked out nicely.

Similarly in the United States, You ordered three couples to get married that same evening and because two of the participants were on the west coast of the United States, 3,000 miles away, someone asked "so soon ?" It seemed impossible, but You asked, "Is there any difficulty ?" And Your devotees answered, "No difficulty". And the marriage went on as planned.

So if we follow Your instructions to the letter, all our difficulties cease and upon doing this we step out of material entanglement. When I hear Your instruction, Your revelations, Your playful words, Your voice, Your footsteps, or talk, or laugh, it is like the early morning bathers at the Jamuna banks in Vrindavan, calling out as they bathe: "Oh Govinda, He Bhagavan He Krishna Radhe Radhe." Krishna's teaching as understood by You, is the perfect formula for all souls if they take it.

For You have fulfilled the prophesies of Lord Chaitanya and Bhaktivinode Thakur. And so I pray that we can fulfill Your prophetic words which are, "This movement will be noted down in history for having saved the world."

All glories All glories !

And You have created so many gentle men and ladies out of Jagai's and Madhai's and Putana witches. Undoubtedly, Srila Prabhupad You are the Lord of my soul; let me serve You in any condition any way You desire, for You are my master, and I am Your worm-like servant ; crush me in Your embrace or step on me with Your Lotus Feet ; I am Yours eternally, Yours eternally.

All glories All glories All glories to Your Divine Grace.
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