He has come with the truth
by Gokulananda das

Carrying the inexhaustible harvest of divine love, Mahaprabhu's own sweet servant has come from the eternal Realm of love and light to this place of dark ignorance to give us new hope. Sitting under a tree in the midst of Kali's dungeon of sin, he sings his song of love for the pleasure of his beloved masters, Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga. The beauty of his soulful song attracts our minds and stirs within our hearts deep intimations of our long-forgotten Supreme Beloved. In his presence we feel connected to an ancient beautiful truth; India's ageless transcendent spiritual culture of pure bhakti is embodied in his humble spotless character. His serene penetrating gaze overflows with deep compassion, reassuring all that he is our ever well-wisher, sent from above to lead us
all back to the shelter of God's loving protection. This swan-like messenger starts his store-front classes, which become portals to an effulgent Realm of infinite beauty and truth. His perfectly wise words touch the hearts of the sincerely inquisitive, the distressed, the youthful rebels turned pilgrims of the truth. His vibrant message of divine love brings new purpose to so many souls adrift in Kali's ocean of faults. Changing our hearts by the potency of his realizations, he makes us all fervently believe in God's infinite compassion for all beings. The most sincere of his listeners are inspired by his selfless purity to give their lives to Sri Gauranga's mission of mercy. For them, he brings to life the timeless teachings of Lord Krishna, inspiring them to align their lives towards His constant service. This miracle is repeated in countless hearts, as his potent words of truth spread like the sun to every corner of the earth, in an unprecedented manifestation of divine mercy. All these salvaged lives become united in a great mission of love: to spread the glories of the Karunavatar, Sri Chaitanya. This great mission of divine love continues to spread hope and light amidst the darkness of Kali.

Assembled at his feet, we continue to proclaim this simple truth: that to sincerely serve Mahaprabhu's mission of mercy is to live with Him always.

O Srila Prabhupada, our constant well-wisher, we thank you for your matchless gifts and pray that our meager efforts to repay your infinite kindness may give you some pleasure and thus attract your loving smile, which is our lives' greatest solace.

Your grateful servant, Gokulananda das.
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