Srila Prabhupada Tribute
by Manmohini devi dasi

August 2009

Days of glory....I was there, when a Mahatma lived amongst us, and mercy poured forth in the shape of a nod, a smile, a chastisement; when example and instruction were always present to guide us at our every baby step. Our fledging army was young, inexperienced and weak, but our General, our Savior, was anything but. All we had to do was trust, listen, obey and follow. Cynical and wary, we were hapless searchers who somehow recognized that this was the real deal, a way of life worth this meager lifetime to pursue. Each day we would realize the amazing grace and mercy that was ours, and so we began, collectively, to water our spiritual creepers in earnest.

We were given an open secret that could only be revealed to us by a pure lover of God.  Srila Prabhupada held the key and patiently opened our hearts. The goal, he explained, was simply to become madly in love with our Creator, the most attractive, richest, strongest, famous, wisest and most aloof. A Supreme Personality Who also happens to be a charming bluish cowherd boy named Krishna. Our Srila Prabhupada worked relentlessly to write over 60 books explaining and supporting this Absolute Truth, just for us conditioned souls entrapped in the mire of illusion in this very fallen age of Kali. Our goal became crystal clear, and our lives became lives full with meaning and direction. And full of precious memories.

About 10 years went by much too quickly with countless nectarine pastimes, our Srila Prabhupada Caritamrta. Such memories leave us humbled with amazement and gratitude at the causeless mercy that was and will always be, ours. Though gone in form, we can gratefully share remembered pieces and insure that the knowledge passed down to us remains preserved and undiluted. It is our duty to see to this, our life's mission until it is our turn to leave. We can go on, eternally, remembering our beloved Srila Gurudeva; and the days of glory continue.

Manmohini d.d.
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